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      Brilliantly shining star, leader of the industry
      Golden Award at the 5th Asia-Pacific International Expo
      ¡°Name Brand Product¡± at China International Agriculture Expo
      One of ¡°Top 100 Private Technology Enterprises¡± in Zhejiang province
      Agricultural Technology Enterprise in Zhejiang province
      Leading Backbone Agricultural Enterprise in Zhejiang province
      National Poverty-relieving Enterprise
      Pilot base for National Orange Processing Technology R&D Center
      Leading compiler for Light Industry Standard¡¶QB2484-2000 Food Additive Pectin¡·
      Leading compiler for National Food Safety Standard¡¶GB25533-2010 Food Additive Pectin¡·
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      Add:707,Baihui Road,Economy Development Area,Quzhou,Zhejiang  Tel:0570-3850933 3853358 3853258
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